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Tales of Olympus (Greek Mythology & Greek Gods) - Episode 01

Let's we begin to talk about 'Cradle of Civilization' in Greece using Greek Mythology & Greek Gods. The Olympus Mountains bordering Thessaly and Macedonia and the Aegean Sea. It consists of a mountain range that gradually descends from the north to the plain, and a steep slope facing the Greeks. Equipped with an unnatural plateau, the Olympus rises 9,000 feet directly. Poetically dubbed the Olympus 'wavy Olympus' because of the tidal waves that were dug by the precipitous slopes of the thick jungle, the tidal currents. After the clouds combined with the clouds, the viewer looks like a circular pavilion for God. Homer poet sings about Olympus rock. "Never blown by wind or snowflake, the rock is surrounded by fresh air. It is clear and clear, and the gods that work there are enjoying a cure that is like eternal life." According to the Greek mythology, As part of the rally between the sons of Kronos to share t

Is 'Athena' The World's First Artificial Intelligence?

Is Athena the world's first artificial intelligence?      It is well known that the ancient myths and traditions of ancient civilizations exhibited the characteristics of civilization, technology and culture. The influence of advanced technology in such great civilizations is hidden in ancient stories. Let me begin with a series of articles on 'cradle of civilization' compiled by my opinion and revelation of such matters. In the first article, I hope to bring up the scientific aspect of the Athena concept of Greek theology.           Even scientists today acknowledge that some invisible hand was behind the development of the most advanced civilizations of the past. There is overwhelmingly unconventional evidence that civilizations received the intervention of the supernatural, or alien beings, or the intervention of a future human being. Such civilizations exist in the civilizations of the Egyptians, Maya, Inca, Babilonian,

Mahabharata And Alien Intelligence

Mankind's evolutionary path has evolved throughout history and has been fed by a host of phenomena and theories that are beyond the reach of human imagination. There are so many wonderful events and theories that cannot be said to be permanent. In this article and the preceding article in the "cradle of civilization" talking about such wonderful events, I am going to talk about whether the supernatural powers were behind the greatness of ancient civilizations. Some of the supposed scientific and magical advances of ancient civilizations were of such high quality.Maya, Inca, Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, Sumerian, Indian, Hela. In ancient civilizations such as ancient calculations, formulas, advanced techniques, celestial recordings, strange craft, etc., many of these civilizations were invented by ancient tribes with tools and theories that were incompatible with civilized cultures. The idea that these technologies were received by the civilized or alien influences is one of t

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